VCCC Alliance’s Accelerating Novel Therapies program

Routine treatments for conditions such as cancer include ‘standard treatments’ and new treatments offered as part of a clinical trial. Early-phase clinical trials test drugs for the first time in patients. They are often, but not always, provided when none of the standard treatment options are left. They may also be offered when a patient has a specific cancer sub-type, and a new drug is available. 

The VCCC Alliance’s Accelerating Novel Therapies program

is excited to announce a project looking at the information about early-phase clinical trials which helps consumers decide about taking part in these trials. So far, VCCC have looked at the literature (journal articles) and contacted many places that run clinical trials about the information they provide. Now they would like to ask you!


This vital work will help understand consumers’ feelings about clinical trials, and early-phase clinical trials information. They will look at what language should be used and understand the best way this information can be presented; are videos better than websites? Should information include pictures or diagrams be used? 


You do not need to have taken part in a clinical trial before. The project will include a consumer focus group (60 minutes via Zoom) with a survey (5 minutes) beforehand. There will also be some websites and resources to look at before the focus group. Consumer remuneration will be offered in accordance with the VCCC Alliance Policy.



INTERESTED? Please click here and fill in your name & email address for the VCCC to contact you.

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