The future depends on what we do in the present

- Mahatma Gandhi -

Our Mission is to raise awareness about the role of clinical trials in advancing medical science and healthcare


Clinical trials have the potential to benefit people’s health and can provide options in circumstances where treatment choices are limited or there are none.

Without clinical trials, there would not be any advancement in new medical or therapuedic treatments.


We are delivering on this mission through a variety of initiatives that encourage listening, learning, collaborating, networking and sharing.

The latest ...

Watch the Your Voice Your Story 2023 webinar here

We all have a story to tell

Perhaps you are a patient that has benefited from participating in a clinical trial, a recipient of an approved medication that is available because of a clinical trial, a health care professional who supports patients on clinical trials or an industry professional who is witness to the impact that medical advances can bring to people’s lives.  Perhaps clinical trials are a mystery or complicated to understand. Whatever the circumstances, we want to hear people’s voices and see their stories. 

We would like to thank all the amazing presenters who shared their stories and all that attended the 2023 session.Everyone’s views are shaped by their experience, and it is this lived experience and unique voice that is essential to guiding how we innovate the development of new treatments.

Lots of key themes emerged today around the positive aspects of clinical trials- hope, time, options, but also the challenges associated with them- eligibility, access, timing and gatekeepers of information.

 Your Voice Your Story is now in its third year. It is with much gratitude we thank our storytellers, this year and every year, for sharing their stories.  For us, it is a privilege that you choose to do this at our event . 

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White Coats Foundation recent Initiatives

The Webinar Series

Our webinars include presenters and panellists relevant to each topic, and provide an opportunity for people to ask questions, share experiences, listen and learn from others.

What is Consumer Led Research ?

On Wednesday, July 13th White Coats Foundation’s conducted a  webinar – “What is Consumer Led Research”. Click below to listen to stakeholders & consumers demystifying this topic.

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