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The Idea

The WCF Keep Cup is the first idea in a range of “useable” products created as a tool to help trial participants lead an awareness movement.

Our goal is to help trial volunteers understand the vital role they play in the delivery of new therapeutic interventions. Not many volunteers can fathom the broader impact of their participation. We believe that acknowledging participants and helping them grasp the important contribution they are making to the future of healthcare builds stronger advocates in the community.

Our concept moves past the words ‘clinical trials’ and helps build a story around what this means. Our concept gifts trial volunteers with tools to help them have meaningful conversations about clinical trials in their everyday interactions with others. When there is a direct connection between the storyteller and the listener the impact is more meaningful.

The Launch

White Coats Foundation has been selected and granted seed money to participate in the 2019 Pop Up Star competition, a global event for raising clinical trials awareness.

This competition will enable WCF to increase their global impact in highlighting the important role of trial volunteers in the discovery of new therapeutic interventions.

White Coats Foundation Thank You Session on Friday 26th July, 2019 was out official Keep Cup Campaign Launch at St.Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, 41 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy Victoria.


The Thank You Session

A morning tea that will unite industry and patients in a unique gathering where a panel of Industry representatives will each thank patients for the important role they play in the discovery of new therapeutic interventions.

The event is designed to be a casual networking opportunity for those who are interested in or have been involved in trials.

All attendees will receive a WCF keep cup and a “show bag” of relevant information from Pop Up Star sponsors, WCF and venue.

The Foyer

The event featured a ‘Pop Up’ clinical trials information stand in the hospital foyer. Communication will be targeted at the visiting hospital community, staff and patients but the addition of a live social media hot spot will enable the extended reach of the event to online communities. People can have a photo taken and share their participation in the pop up with the hashtag #iwearawhitecoat.

A clinical setting is apt for engaging both patients and the visiting public’s thinking about clinical trials. The mindset of health is a priority.

Keep Cups will be also be given away to those who have participated in or have been involved in clinical trials.

Project Consultation

When WCF launched their first awareness campaign the“Thank-you’ video in 2018, a consumer consultation was undertaken prior to going into production. We wanted to ensure that people felt comfortable with the messaging and the way in which we were representing patients. There was a consistent and clear theme around the feedback and that was that all the patients felt grateful to be acknowledged and that the acknowledgment made them see their participation in a new and positive light.

The Keep cup campaign aligns with feedback that is filtering through from other patient groups. A recent article in the Transcelerate Newsletter commented, “Patients also revealed, through focus groups, that a simple thank you would make them feel appreciated and more likely to participate and/or refer others to participate in future studies”.

An article in Nature-International Journal of Science entitled “How a simple Thank You Could Improve Clinical Trials”, notes ‘….when researchers at Pfizer wanted to improve their clinical trials, the people who had taken part had a clear suggestion: researchers should say thank you’.

The WCF Keep Cup campaign aims to immortalise the words ‘thank you’ as they apply to our heroic clinical trial participants.

Our Sponsors

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to Greater Gift for selecting WCF as one of 12 finalists around the world, allowing us to launch the Keep Cup Campaign on a global platform.

Thank you also to our venue partner St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne who have provided more than just a venue to host the event. A special thank you to Tam Nguyen- his passion for clinical trials awareness, equitable access and acknowledgment of the patient community as being central to the discovery process is an asset to the promotion of this important initiative. Also thanks to Hannah Herring from SVHM for her assistance with coordinating this event.

St Vincents Hospital Melbourne
Popup Star

Keep Cup Visionaries

We would like to thank our supporters for their foresight in recognising the capacity of the Keep Cup Campaign to acknowledge patients as partners in the discovery of better health, and to help raise valuable awareness about the role of clinical trials in the community.
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