About Us

White Coats is a Not for Profit Australian based DGR registered charity with a global focus. The Foundation was established in recognition of the need to raise awareness about the role of clinical trials in advancing medical science and healthcare.

80% of Clinical Trials globally experience problems with recruitment.

Our mission is to ensure that everyone is



Mobilize knowledge about the role of research and clinical trials in healthcare and how they benefit society.

White Coats

Provide an industry icon to aid promotion and awareness raising activities.


Provide access to resources/links that help connect people to information about clinical trials and current research opportunities.


Recognise the important role volunteers and others play in the clinical trial process.

Early Support

Assist research and discoveries that can lead to better health outcomes and solutions via fundraising and donation programs.

Our Journey

In 2016 INC Research (now Syneos Health) and CISCRP co-hosted the “Inspiring Hope” Ideathon, a crowdsolving competition designed to generate unique and effective ideas that raise awareness of clinical trials amongst patients, healthcare professionals and the general public.

The competition inspired nearly 70 entries from around the world and 14 ideas were shortlisted for their potential to help address the need to increase awareness.

Clinical Trials Connect (CTC), and Australian based clinical trial participant recruitment company, entered the competition with a video concept called ‘White Coats’ and was selected as one of 14 finalists to present in Boston. CTC’s entry did not win, however, White Coats generated much interest and in 2017 Syneos Health and CISCRP offered support to further develop the video concept. Members of the CTC team moved forward to progress the initiative under a separate Not For Profit banner. What started off as a humble initiative to address the critical need to raise awareness about clinical trials and trial participation evolved into an awareness video and the White Coats Foundation.

The Foundation aims to provide access to resources to better inform the public and health care providers about clinical trials in Australia.

We also want to redefine the White Coat image stereotype and help people understand that anyone can wear a White Coat.

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