Behind the White Coat

The Idea

Behind the White Coat is a series of interviews that goes behind the scenes of drug discovery to connect people and faces to the many different roles, positions and titles in clinical trials. 

We will be talking to Scientists, Investigators, Clinical Trial Participants, Clinical Research Associates and others who assist in the variety of processes and investigations that make new discoveries possible. 

Our primary intention with the video series is to help people understand  the roles of  Scientists or Investigators and trial monitors etc and how they work together to deliver treatments that have real health impact for patients.

Our first video series is dedicated to exploring  the role of “Scientists” in drug discovery.

The Scientist Series

When many of us think about Scientists the image of a person wearing a white lab coat and glasses fiddling with test tubes and beakers is one of the first thoughts that comes to mind.  We never really stop to think about who these people are or how their work may translate to benefit our health. It’s a distant world and even the word “Science” is a bit daunting to some. 

In this first video series, we go “Behind the White Coat” to demystify the world of Scientists. We discover that not all of them work in laboratories, and not all of them wear glasses!  We also discover that in contrast to the very serious nature of the work of Scientists they are very relaxed and compassionate people driven by an authentic mission to improve  human health.

See the Series here :

Our Sponsors

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to our sponsors for supporting this initiative. Their contribution makes it possible for us to continue to raise awareness of clinical trials and their role in healthcare. 

Scientist series

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