White Coats Thank You Video

The Idea

The White Coats idea aims to connect clinical trials & their value not only medically but societally with a human aspect. The Idea connects “real people” volunteering, as a key reason medicines are now readily available.

Clinical trials are often associated with ‘doctor’s, ‘scientists’, “pharmaceutical companies’ or people in the health care profession in general. This campaign puts the volunteering public in the spotlight to thank them for the important role they play in helping advance new therapies/treatments.

White Coats Video participation thanks to:

HM Creative, Mark J, Jilong, Mark H, Michelle, Barbara & John

Project Consultation

Developing the concept of the ‘White Coats- thankyou’ video came with a responsibility. We wanted to ensure that health consumers and stakeholders were comfortable with the messaging and the way in which we represented our idea. We decided to undertake a consumer and stakeholder consultation and were fortunate enough to receive support from Bellberry Limited and Research4Me.

We circulated a video concept of the idea, along with a questionnaire, to Bellberry committee members and consumers. We collected feedback on things such as imagery, wording and length of the video etc. We also assessed individual and societal considerations and the emotional connection to the concept.

Bellberry distributed the video to 40 committee members and Reserach4me engaged the support of 10 health consumers for project feedback. This was an invaluable exercise as the information received from the consultation helped us refine the concept to achieve a result that humanises the drug development process by revealing the important role society plays in advancing healthcare. It unveils an obscured reality that helps make medical advances possible.

We hope you enjoy the video and thank you to our project consultation participants.

Consultation thanks to:

Lisa Briggs, Lillian Leigh, Lynda Whiteway, Jill Yates, T.J Sharpe, Kerrie Newton, Paul Swain, Janelle Bowden

Our Sponsors

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to Syneos Health and CISCRP for the support and guidance offered on our journey of taking the White Coats concept from an idea to a reality. Their assistance has helped make it possible.

We’d like to dedicate the White Coats ‘Thankyou’ video to Rachel Minnick, Senior Manager of Marketing and Patient Engagement Alliances at CISCRP. Rachel sadly passed away during the filming of the project. She was a kind soul who’s passion and enthusiasm for clinical trials was clear. Rachel was involved in the White Coats journey from its inception and we looked forward to our calls with her and the encouragement we received along the way. One of the things that we will remember about Rachel is her selflessness. She continued to work during her illness with admirable enthusiasm and we dedicate this video to her as it holds a piece of the legacy she left with us.

Rachel Minnick

Rachel Minnick

Senior Manager of Marketing and Patient Engagement Alliances at CISCRP

Syneos Health
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