WCF Keep Cups – how to get one!

White Coats Foundation Keep Cups - The Story

The Keep Cups are now available online for purchase  at the WCF Shop Here  or if you want to purchase in bulk with a Thank You card to gift to trial participants email us at contactus@whitecoatsfoundation.org

The WCF Keep Cup was created as a tool to help trial participants lead an awareness movement. Our goal is to help trial volunteers understand the vital role they play in the delivery of new therapeutic interventions because not many volunteers can fathom the broader impact of their participation.

Our Keep Cup program gifts trial patients with a Keep Cup & a Thank You card. The Keep Cup is a tool to help them have meaningful conversations about clinical trials in their everyday interactions with others. When there is a direct connection between the storyteller and the listener the impact is more meaningful.

We believe that acknowledging participants and helping them grasp the important contribution they are making to the future of healthcare builds stronger advocates in the community.
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