White Coats and Greater Gift Partner

White Coats Foundation  and Greater Gift partner to generate awareness about clinical trials at WCF Keep Cup Campaign Launch on Friday 26th July, 2019

Melbourne, Victoria, Friday,  July 26th – White Coats Foundation and Greater Gift, a non-profit dedicated to increasing patient engagement in clinical trials, will share the importance of clinical trial participation and the impact clinical trial participants have on global health at WCF Keep Cup Campaign on Friday,  July 26th at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne as part of Greater Gift’s PopUp Star competition.

“Clinical trials are a critical step in developing life-changing medical treatments and making them available to patients in order to advance global health,” said Amanda Wright, Executive Director of Greater Gift. “However, while successful trials require patient volunteers, only 4% of the population participates in trials. This greatly impacts the ability to develop and make new treatments available, which is why we launched the PopUp Star competition to create grassroots awareness for clinical trials.”

The WCF Keep Cup Campaign is being produced by White Coats Foundation. The event will feature a clinical trials information stand in the hospital foyer with free giveaways. Reach will be targeted at the visiting hospital community, staff and patients but the addition of a live social media hot spot will enable extended reach of the event to online communities. There will also be a ‘Thank You’ session which will unite industry and patients in a unique gathering where a panel of Industry members will each thank patients for the important role they play in the discovery of new therapeutic interventions.

“We are excited for White Coats Foundation to participate in the competition,” said Wright. “By engaging a wide range of clinical research stakeholders including patients, researchers, clinicians, academic institutions and healthcare professionals, we hope to create a fundamental change in awareness and participation in clinical research so that we as an entire society can benefit.”

About PopUp Star

PopUp Star is a grassroots contest sponsored by Greater Gift that challenges local teams to create a novel community event that drives awareness of clinical trials and the importance of participating in trials. The contest’s goal is to engage all stakeholders including patients, researchers, clinicians, academic institutions and healthcare professionals. Team events kick off on May 20th in conjunction with Clinical Trials Day and a winner will be selected on October 3rd in Raleigh, NC.

For more about PopUp Star, visit https://www.popupstarcommunity.com or find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Popupstar18/.

About Greater Gift

Greater Gift, Inc. honours the clinical trial volunteers who make the advancement of medicine possible by giving one vaccine to one child each time one volunteer makes the important decision to participate in a clinical trial. Visit us at www.greatergift.org.

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